About Me

Hello, I am Matthew...

     Since I was a young child I have always enjoyed photography and photos. I love how much can be said with the right image. The emotion that you can capture with your photos; both in the model and the audience is amazing. I have always believed there is a difference between a picture and a photo. A picture captures a memory of a one-time event, a photo is Art that shows the "heart"  you want to show everyone!

     Though my love of photos has been for years, I am pretty new to the photography scene. In Fall 2013 I took a big step - in order to understand my camera more, I took my first class in photography. My enjoyment and understanding  grew so much more, that by the next session, Winter 2014, I enrolled in the Conestoga College Photography program and gained my certification.

     Since that first step into photography, my knowledge and experience has grown immensely and I want to bring that  love of photos to everyone. I work hard in my sessions to make people feel comfortable and natural, only at that point do I feel that a person's true self comes to life in the image!

     I look forward to the opportunity to make you and your family's personality come to life for the world to see!

     Keep Smiling,

        Matthew Pitts